Oct 31, 2014

Pebble Locker Renamed to Dislock

A week and a half ago I released an update to Pebble Locker that changed the name to Dislock. For eight months now Pebble Locker has supported many more devices than just Pebbles and it was past time for a new name. Another factor in the name change was Pebble changing their recommendations on how apps are named to make it clearer who is developing the apps.

Along with the rename comes more free features. Previously only Pebbles could be used with Pebble Locker for free, using other Bluetooth devices and WiFi networks required an in-app purchase. Now with Dislock the use of one Bluetooth device or WiFi network is free, using more than one trusted device requires an in-app purchase. It's now easier for users to try Dislock for free and if they only need one device, continue to use it for free forever.

If you experience any issues with the update or have any requests, as always, feel free to use the in-app contact option to email me.