Sep 2, 2013

Pebble Developer Retreat

I've spent 5 days hanging out and hacking with the guys at Pebble and many of the active community members and it's been nothing short of spectacular. Everyone at Pebble is extremely dedicated to what they're building and more then happy to help developers and integrate requests into the Pebble SDK. It was also an awesome opportunity to meet a bunch of developers in the Pebble community and hear some of their ideas and thoughts about Pebble.

I finally got a chance during the retreat to cut my teeth on some watch face and watch app development (C, limited as it is on the Pebble, is very bare metal for someone used to mobile and backend development) and I've gotten off to a great start on a watch app or two that I hope to roll out in the coming months.

I really enjoyed spending time with the Pebble devs and I can't wait to see where they take things in the future.