Apr 25, 2012

Not enough time

I have been hoping to work on my website recently to make it more functional and less ugly (not to mention post more) along with several apps and other projects of mine, but sadly none of that has happened. I've spent most of my free time working on Slk Notifications for Facebook to increase the reliability and add new features. This has become more necessary since I have begun working with Mobiroo to add my app to their gift-card platform. Interestingly enough as I am writing this, I just received an email that my app passed the testing process and will be going live in the next 24 hours, hopefully people don't run into too many issues and there isn't a huge number of downloads that cripple my server. Job applications and all the stuff involved with graduation certainly don't help things either.

There are definitely way too many cool things in the world and no where near enough time. That said, I can't wait to take delivery of my Raspberry Pi so I can start playing with it and doing all kinds of cool things. If there is anything I'm more excited about than the Raspberry Pi it has to be the Pebble Watch, I've been looked for a good smart watch for a while and I think this one could be it and being an Android developer, I love that is has an SDK, there are going to be so many cool and useful things to do with this watch.

My current research on botnets isn't turning out quite as I had hoped, but at the end hopefully I'll have a little something to show for it. I'm looking forward to next block and a class in open source software where I plan on making some contributions to a few different projects (I've certainly been using the stuff long enough, it's about time I contributed).

On a side note I decided to package up a few things I've been playing around with so people can use it and then give me ideas on how it could be more useful. Screen Notifications is the first bit of an app where I hope to write a custom lock-screen for Android. Currently Screen Notifications has only two options, on or off and how long the screen should be kept on when you get a notification. I've also added the proximity sensor in so if your phone is in your pocket it doesn't needlessly turn the screen on. Check it out and let me know what you think.